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At Simply Moving and Sleeping we provide a range of bathing and changing products, working with the world’s leading manufacturers. Finding the correct solution is key to providing a safe and dignified way to access a bath, pool or changing facility. Combining the use of a ceiling mounted hoist, a shower stretcher provides a cost-effective solution whilst reducing the risk associated with manual handling.

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Changing and Showering Stretchers offers a safe and hygienic showering solution for those who require bathing in the supine or prone position. They offer flexibility, easy to clean and can be folded up for additional space.



Seersmedical offer a wide range of couches from therapy to hygiene for various examination procedures as well as different manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. Most models are variable height with a choice of both manual or electric positioning and height operation.



Oxford offers one of the most versatile bathing systems on the market, providing patients with the freedom to bathe easily and in complete comfort. A variety of pool-side and bath-side options are available to suit most requirements.


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