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In addition to slings, Guldmann provides a wide range of specially designed lifting accessories for helping both the user and carer ensure greater mobility with less effort. This allows the carer to provide the best possible assistance, while working in ergonomically correct positions.

With the Guldmann quick release mechanism this makes changing the accessories easy to suit the environment where the hoist and accessory is to be used.

Digital Scale




The Digital Scale can be used with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters. It simplifies work processes by making it easy to weigh the patient/user in conjunction with everyday care procedures.

Two versions of the scale are available: a standard model with a lifting capacity of up to 250 kg, and a medically approved model able to deal with loads of up to 320 kg. The digital scale is battery powered.

Hanger bars options




The Guldmann hanger bars are quick release and can be easily changed to suit the environment where the hoist is being used. The four-point hanger is available in three different sizes: x-small, small and medium.

Recommended sling size:

XS: 4-6 6-10 10-14 XS
Small: XS S
Medium: M L XL 2XL 3XL
Cross hanger: 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL



Hanger bar covers


The Guldmann hanger bars can be covered for added protection, the padded cover is easy to attach or remove, ideal in situations where the user had involuntary movements. They are available in three sizes: x-small, small and medium.




The Guldmann stretcher can be used on their mobile or ceiling hoists. There are two models available a manual or mechanical variable weight adjusters. Both models can have the option of a full stretcher sling or a set of mortuary straps.

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